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Laundry Detergent Tips

Want to save money on your laundry bill? Not a problem! Let me explain how I save money on laundry detergent. I got this big container back in my non frugal days at walmart. I paid something like $15 for it, wow, way to much money! I have had this almost 2 years now. I will find cheap detergent on sale and just dump it in with the existing in the container. when it is almost full (say to the top of that yellow sticker) i fill the rest up with water. Shake slowly.

Now the next thing I did was to fill this old sports drink bottle with detergent.

This is the lid from the gigantic detergent bottle and an extra measuring spoon, a tablespoon.

For every load of laundry I add 2 tablespoons full of detergent.

For sheets and underwear type things I add 2 1/2 tablespoon and more borax.

Next is the Vinegar (Yes, I use vinegar everywhere!) This is one of those old glass bottles. I just refill it from my big jug.
**shown below**

Refilling glass vinegar jar

Now for every load of laundry I add a splash of vi…

Crockpot shipwreck

One of my favorite meals is cowboy potatoes. I could eat them for every single meal of the day for months, lol. So when I found this recipe, I was in heaven! and a little jealous that I hadn't thought of it myself :)

6 med potatoes
1 lb hamburger
can of creamed corn
1/2 med onion
1 can cream of mushroom soup
salt & pepper
garlic powder

cut up 3 potatoes and put in bottom of crockpot

brown your hamburger

next start the layering. hamburger, onion and corn

next, rest of potatoes and soup. sprinkle on your seasonings. cook on low 6-8 hours.

Frugal Farmhouse

Fabulous Baking Soda

Banking Soda has a ton of uses! Not just baking. I using it for scouring messes in the kitchen. Freshening up the litter box and laundry!

I bought this 5 lb bag at Sam's Club for about $5. But check your local warehouse store such as Winco. I can get bulk baking soda for about $.30/lb. So that is about 5 lbs for $1.50!! BIG savings!

I re-used an old spice container and filled it with the baking soda.

When you have a mess, such as stuck on food on pans or the counter just sprinkle on some baking soda spritz it with your vinegar/water mixture. Let sit and then wipe right off!

I also use baking soda to freshen up the litter box.

~old spice container
~baking soda
~essential oil

Another re-used spice container.

Fill it up with baking soda.

drip in 10-15 drops lavender essential oils. Shake up.

This truely smells amazing. I also use it as a carpet freshener.
Sprinkle on the carpet. Vacuum up. Wala!

Lavender Essential Oil- purchase at any vitamin store.

Always be sure to label your baking …

Turkey Leftovers

With Thanksgiving just behind us, I thought i'd share the recipe I found yesterday for leftover turkey. Here is the link

recipes- oregano, lemon juice, salt & pepper, basil (I didn't have any rosemary), leftover turkey and half and onion

everything down in the crockpot.. YUM!

I served this with creamy crockpot scalloped potatoes also from southern food.

Rating 11. This was AMAZING!! BF asked for me to put this on the monthly menu rotation!
Frugal Farmhouse


Hello Blogland-

I am Brandi. I used to live in a big city, have a brand new car, and want everything in sight. In the last 3 years my life has changed a great deal. I got bajavascript:void(0)ck to what is really important in life.

It has been a year of big changes. I lost my job due to the economy in February of 2009. Not being able to find a job has been a great outlet to expand on my frugal and simple living goals.

We downsized from a split level 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment to a tiny 1 bed 1 bath apartment. That has been a huge challenge, but a great one. Forcing me to part with a lot of unnecessary clutter. We've lived in this apartment 5 months, we are still getting rid of a ton of stuff but life is so much simpler.

I like to use coupons, homemade cleaners, shop at thrift stores, make everything homemade, craft, looove the internet, seriously LOVE my Iphone (i know its not a good example :( but he's my best friend!) and everything else I'm forgetting!

Please join me in my jo…