Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Round Up

Yes, I know it is the 6th of March.. but life just got away from me this last week.

20 wishes

1. Earn $500/month by December-my mystery shops will not apply until next month, but I've made about $20 from online. not much however, you have to start somewhere
2. Get financing- I received my pin number. I will try to fill this out today.
3. Start school
4. Sell homemade creations- I want a few different products to offer before opening my etsy shop. I have 2 and am working on a few more. I am shooting for an opening by the end of March.
5. Fix jetta-DONE
6. Sketch out 5 year plan- I work on this everyday.
7. Read 12 books-total read 9
8. Document important recipes from grandma- I am still making a list of recipes. I am hoping to have enough money to visit her sometime in March
9. Learn to can
10. Learn to make quilt blocks
11. Learn to embrace current situation-this last week has been hard, but I am 50 steps ahead of what I was in December
12. Learn more about amigurumi- I found some hidden books at the library wahoo!
13. Get DOL-this won't happen
14. Quit-going well
15. Embroidery grid sampler
16. Embroidery block of the month
17. Scan and organize family photos- all scanned, besides the LARGE photos, working on commentary today with mom.
18. Retype Hammon history-still working on it. I admittedly did not work on this as much as I should of in February. I will continue working on it.
19. Recycle- going very well.
20. Granny miller challenge

Needleworks I made bread every week
Homesteading I made a few batches of paper that Ii used in Chevy Man's Valentines day Present
Change jar- no extra money at all so.. no change!
Eating out- I believe we ate out 3 times. Much better. Still room to improve!
Electricity reduction- No lights until dark and all that fun stuff. I should receive my bill soon.
Frugal challenge- Doing really well and learning a lot Photo a day- I did take photos each day but I didn't upload them the whole month.. that became discouraging. Go greener challenge- still recycling. I plan on starting to recycle our paper from now on.

finish cowl
knit dishcloth
easter tree ornaments
Bread every week
english muffins
Photo Blog
hand sew rice bag
work on max's bed

How are your resolutions coming along?