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February Round Up

Yes, I know it is the 6th of March.. but life just got away from me this last week.

20 wishes

1. Earn $500/month by December-my mystery shops will not apply until next month, but I've made about $20 from online. not much however, you have to start somewhere
2. Get financing- I received my pin number. I will try to fill this out today.
3. Start school
4. Sell homemade creations- I want a few different products to offer before opening my etsy shop. I have 2 and am working on a few more. I am shooting for an opening by the end of March.
5. Fix jetta-DONE
6. Sketch out 5 year plan- I work on this everyday.
7. Read 12 books-total read 9
8. Document important recipes from grandma- I am still making a list of recipes. I am hoping to have enough money to visit her sometime in March
9. Learn to can
10. Learn to make quilt blocks
11. Learn to embrace current situation-this last week has been hard, but I am 50 steps ahead of what I was in December
12. Learn more about …