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This Week In Posts 9.17.11

Not all of these are from this week, but great none the less.
How to find a cheap wedding gown by Budget a Wedding

How do we live without a microwave by Musing Mainiac
Cloth Diapering: What I wish I'd known before by Formula Mom

To Do: Weekend 9.16.11

I have the privileage of helping my Grandma this weekend. I so enjoy waking up with yummy Farm air!
Friday- Crochet cousins headband
Saturday- Apartment hunt
Sunday- Surprise day!
What do you have planned this weekend?

Homemade Laundry Soap

Give it a Whirl Thursday is a weekly column documenting triumphs and failures of frugal projects.
I have tried many homemade laundry soap recipes. They all have left a sort of film on our clothes. But still I kept trying all the ones on the internet I could find. Finally I found one that is awesome. The Duggar's liquid laundry soap recipe rocks! I makes 5 gallons, Yes I said 5 gallons. But it is so great you own't mind once you try it.
This would be my 5 gallon bucket of laundry soap.

Wordless Wednesday: Farm

Wasteful Wednesday: September 14

1-weird dessert- given to use, just couldn't bare to eat it.2- Clam chowder- couple bowl fulls left over 3- moldy cheese... yum! 4- Italian sausage- about 1/2 cup left
Did you have any food waste this week?

Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday is a weekly series here at Frugal Farmhouse. I want to share easy tips and tricks to help you along your frugal journey. Have you missed earlier tips?

A great way to organize like items in a common place is a lazy susan. I found a two pack at the dollar store. I use the one below next to my stove with all the commonly used spices. Easy to find and not taking up a lot of room.

I have salt, pepper, basil, baking soda, steak seasoning, onion salt, garlic powder, cinnamon and sugar. If I need extra space on my tiny counter I can just grab the lazy susan and move it elsewhere in one easy movement.

Pin It Tuesday: Wedding

I have been working on a wedding invitation for my aunt. She is getting married in a few weeks. So I have had wedding on my mind. Evidently, even after your married, women think about wedding ideas.. pinterest is a great example of that!
Source: via Melinda on Pinterest
Source: via Melinda on Pinterest
Source: None via Emma on Pinterest
Source: via Christine on Pinterest
Source: via Gail on Pinterest

Menu Plan Monday 9/12-9/18

I will be heading out of town on Wednesday. I get to spend a few days with my grandma and help around the house. So our menu is definitely lacking in appeal. ha! Chevy Man will be fending for himself most the week. Monday Sept 12 2011
Dinner- Pizza
Tuesday September 13 2011
Dinner- lasagna
Wednesday September 14 2011
Dinner- egg sandwiches
Thursday September 15 2011
Fend for yourself
Friday September 16 2011
Fend for yourself
Saturday September 17 2011
Sunday- Surprise!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Childhood Memories

Wasteful Wednesday: September 7

We have had a great week of No Food Waste! This is monumental. I'm very encouraged we could possibly do this more often. It really is my goal.
Check out this wonderful post on how to reduce food waste from my zero waste.
5 ways to reduce food waste from Care2

Pin It Tuesday: Crochet

If you remember from last week, I love crocheting. I love the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands. It is so rewarding. My grandma taught me how to crochet simple hot pad holders, such as these-

Source: via Brandi on Pinterest

They are just about the easiest things to crochet. I stuck with these for a few years. I believe she never had to make another one, and still has new ones to use from this time span! I then moved onto afghans-

Source: via Brandi on Pinterest

Nothing like this one, however isn't that a beautiful pattern? I then started experimenting with fun yarn thicknesses. I made everyone baby blankets and ended up giving a lot to charity. I then found amigurumi. By definition it means crocheted or knitted stuffed toy is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.In other words, ridiculously cute little crocheted creatures that serve almost no purpose unless you are …

This Week In Posts 9.3.11

Source: None via Olivia on Pinterest

Frugality made Easy from Financial Planning tips
7 things frugal people don't buy written by Frugal Village
Fall tutorial round up by Mad In Crafts
Taking frugal too far by Little house in the Valley

5 painless ways to save money

Are you looking for a few ways to cut back but don’t want to feel the pinch? Here are a few simple easy ways to save money each month with little to no effort.
1.Turn off those lights- It is easy to just leave all your lights on when walking through your home. Each time you leave a room, turn off that light! To run a light bulb for 3 hours a day for one month is roughly $1, depending on your kwh/hour rate. That might not sound like a lot but consider having 10 lights on for 3 hours a day for one month. That is $10 just because you didn’t flip the switch as you walked past it when leaving the room. I consider that a large amount of money to waste just because I didn’t feel like turning it off.
2.Learn to love your crockpot- By slow cooking a cheap piece of meat, which is often cheaper, it will make them fall apart and be delicious. Beef, chicken, pork etc. it works on all cuts of meat. Rather than buying a roast for $15+ dollars buy a cheap roast for $5 and cook it on low for 8-10 hour…