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2011 Resolutions

Wow! How is it already the 4th? This year is flying by, haha! I have not posted my New Year Resolutions, shame on me. I am super excited for this year and what it will bring. I just know this is going to be the best year yet!

Change Jar
No Eating out
Electricity Reduction Challenge
Needlework Challenge
Homesteading Challenge
Frugal Challenge
Waste No more Food Challenge
Homemade Christmas
Photo a day blog
Sell on Etsy
Get Charity up and running
Go Greener Challenge
20 wishes Challenge
Granny Miller's Self Reliant Challenge

Now most of these are Challenges on Frugal Village Forums

I am in serious mode of wanting a farm. It makes me happy and always has. So a lot of my goals this year are geared towards this.

What are your goals this New Year?

Year In Review

Well as 2010 ends, all I can say is I am thankful. 2010 was very hard.

1. Post 5 to 7 blog posts a week. While I didn't complete this challenge there was a good reason. In midst of getting this blog up and running I became very caught up in the numbers... visitors, views projects I was completing.. and lost sight of what Frugal Farmhouse was suppose to be about. I took time off, re-centered my head and while I may not post as much as super bloggers... I am still here.

2. $5/person/week grocery challenge- succeeded until about July. Will be going back to our skimpy grocery budget so I am sure you will here more about this again.

3. Homestead skill a month challenge- This is my favorite resolution and have carried it over to this year.
My goals were:
1. How to make butter-nope..
2. How to make hard boiled eggs-nope but will try
3. Make homemade tortillas- yes and will continue to perfect these.
4. Hm laundry soap-yes and I love it!
5. Hm pasta-yep
6. Hm taco seasoning-yep
7. Hm ranch …