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January Round Up

January wasn't quite what I wanted it to be.. but it was what it was. I learn from myself everyday of what NOT to do! lol February will be a better month. I can feel it :)

Grocery Totals for January $45.73

Eating out totals for January my half $65.24 EEK!
I knew we wouldn't be able to stop eating out cold turkey... this being said, i know we ate out a ton, i feel horrible about it BUT its in the past. time to move on. my goal for February is to have planned far enough ahead that eating out would be a stupid decision.

$5/person/week challenge- i know that these totals aren't "true" because i'm not including eating out.. but i think for our first month of trying this, we did alright.
jan 4th thru 10th Total for the week $5.52
jan 11th thru 17th total for the week $7.80.
jan 18th thru 24th so far this week $2.97
jan 25 thru 31st total for the week $

Homestead Challenge- Perfect Bread Making. I'm pretty happy with how my bread maker bread turned out multiple times thi…

Cake Balls

This is a great recipe for parties. They are a family favorite! I make two variations. Chocolate cake mix with white icing (on right side of the above picture) and White cake mix with chocolate icing (left)


1 chocolate cake mix
1 container of white icing
Melting chocolate

Prepare cake mix as per box directions. Let cool. Break up cake mix in a bowl.

Add in entire container of icing.

Chill for 1 hour. Next, roll into bite size balls.

Melt chocolate.

Drizzle over.

Enjoy :)

- From my Frugal Farmhouse to yours.

Chocolate Crescent Twist

Have you ever had one of those nights where you just had to have dessert? Tuesday was on of those nights. We were watching some tv when a Pillsbury commercial came on. They flashed a few delicious looking desserts in front of my face and a website. And did I really think I could pass it up? HA!... nope.

As I searched I came across this Chocolate Crescent Twist.
Seriously, try it.

I'll let you get the recipe over at Pillsbury, but here are a few pictures to drool on :)

Resolutions Expanded

2010 Homestead Challenge- this is a challenge that is happening over at I highly suggest this website. It is wonderful! So the point of the challenge is to teach yourself new homestead skills. Someday I really want to be able to live off the land, so participating in this challenge gets me that much closer to that long term goal. Here are the skills I want to learn. I may add to these as the year goes on.

1. How to make butter
2. How to make hard boiled eggs
3. Make homemade tortillas
4. Hm laundry soap
5. Hm pasta
6. Hm taco seasoning
7. Hm ranch dressing
8. Learn how to can
9. Hm sourdough bread
10. Rag rug
11. How to darn socks
12. Fine tune MY recipe binder with all hm yummy goodness

20 Wishes Challenge- another challenge happening over at FV. It is where you post 20 things you'd like to do in 2010 and try to do them. Here is my list.

1. learn how to make quilt blocks
2. make curtains for bedroom
3. get rid of half of clothes
4. keep my house clean
5. get rid…

New Year Resolutions

I know this post seems a bit late. However, I was just not ready to start all of it. Holiday activities really got to me this past year, so I needed a few days to recoup. But I’m back! Anyhow, here are my resolutions (or rather, Challenges) for the year of 2010.

1. Post 5 to 7 blog posts a week.- This is number 1 on my list for a reason ;)

2. $5/person/week grocery challenge- I’m still working out the kinks on this but I really think I can accomplish this.

3. Homestead skill a month challenge- This is a challenge off of Frugal Village. I will expand on this at a later date.

4. 2010 homemade Christmas- I want and all homemade Christmas for 2010. I will be documenting my journey.

5. Fling 2010 Things in 2010 Challenge- If you hadn’t noticed the overall theme of my resolutions is simplifying.. this will help with that.

6. 2010 sewing challenge- I really want to learn how to sew more complicated items while my grandma is still around to share her knowledge.

7. 2010 needleart…