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Wordless Wednesday: Past

Wasteful Wednesday: August 31

1-lunch meat- maybe 2 pieces left 2- fries 3- leftover steak 4- pork and beans 5-leftover hamburger 6- creamed corn 7- ricotta cheese

Pin It Tuesday: Crockpot

When it starts to get chilly outside, my mind starts thinking about my crockpot and crocheting. I love to sit down and the end of a long day and have a yummy pot roast from my crockpot to eat for dinner.

Crockpots are a great resource for busy families. Not only do they require little to no maintenance, but you can throw a cheap piece of meat in there and make it fall apart. Cheap and easy! I love it.
So in preparation of all that awesome fall weather right around the corner, here is a fun round up of crockpot recipes!

Source: via Brandi on Pinterest
Source: via Brandi on Pinterest
Source: via Brandi on Pinterest
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Menu Plan Monday 8/29-9/4

Monday August 29, 2011
Lunch- little smokies and baked potato
Dinner- roast and potatoes
Tuesday August 30, 2011
Lunch- roast sandwiches
Dinner- tuna sandwiches
Wednesday August 31, 2011
Lunch- hot dogs
Dinner- turkey pot pie
Thursday September 1, 2011
Lunch- turkey pot pie
Dinner- cp London broil
Friday September 2, 2011
Lunch- waffles
Dinner- clam chowder
Saturday September 3, 2011
Lunch- waffles
Dinner- grilled pizza
Sunday September 4, 2011
Lunch- pizza
Dinner- bbq chicken

To Do: Weekend 8.27.11

Saturday- dust call dtv-cancel remove old boxes dishes clean out fridge finish cleaning the turkey-freeze pack up c1 modem water the lawn!!- it is dying :(
Sunday- laundry- hopefully, fingers crossed!

What do you have planned this weekend?

How to cook a turkey

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen I made my very first turkey. I've never had the need to make one, but my grandma gave me a turkey so what do you do when you get given a turkey? You cook it! I asked for some advice via social network and did an abundance of research (yes, I usually over kill research…) so I would ruin this massive bird.
I used this recipe, along with some advice from just about everyone I knew. I decided not to use a turkey bag, against everyone's judgement. I borrowed a GE 18 quart roaster from my Momma. For some reason it was a lot less scary to cook the turkey in this rather than in the oven, ya I don't know why either. But with a lot of prayer and peeking at the turkey every 10 minutes, lol. I made a turkey. I successfully did not ruin a 15 lb turkey. It is a miracle!

Lemon Ice Cubes

Give it a Whirl Thursday will be a weekly column documenting triumphs and failures of frugal projects.

I am always trying to find ways to trick myself into drinking more water. I am more of a pop girl, which is not at all healthy. One of the tricks I use is a big mug. My favorite mug is from a local hospital, the only issue is to fill it up with ice take half an ice cube tray. It is frustrating to have to be constantly making ice.
There is something special about finding a little treat in your ice cube. You expect just a regular little ‘ole ice cube floating in your cup and you look down and low and behold you have a treasure! I thought it would be fitting to start this collection off with something you would normally find in water. Lemons. Lemons are cheap and have great health benefits.
Fill your muffin tin up ¾ of the way. I found the fuller you fill the pan, the easier it is to pop out once frozen. Place your sliced lemon in the water and freeze. I froze mine for 4 hours, I was inpati…

Wordless Wednesday: End of Summer

Wasteful Wednesday: August 24

1- mashed potatoes
2- strawberries
3- whipped cream
4- lo nachos
5- very old eggs that I won't share their expiration..
6- 1/2 inch of milk..
7- Penne and bratwurst dinner

Did you have any food waste this week?

Pin It Tuesday: Journal

I can’t seem to get journaling off my brain. I love being able to look back and see what I was doing 1 year ago or 5 years ago. However, how many people actually journal every day? I know I don’t, and I probably never will. While browsing pinterest, I found a ton of fun ways to journal. I love the idea of doing “event” journals. Such as your summer vacation or gratitude journal or even turning a vintage book into a fun scrapbook journal. I am in love!
Source: via Brandi on Pinterest
Source: via Brandi on Pinterest
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Menu Plan Monday 8/22-8/28

I did not participate in planning a menu last week and boy we suffered. There are a few new choices and recipes on this weeks menu. I'm looking forward to trying them out. I also successfully made my first turkey yesterday.. Yes, I am 25 and have never made a turkey.. but now I have and all though I don't want to do it all the time, I'm not terrified of the bird, more to come on that later this week.

Monday August 22, 2011- Lunch- hamburgers
Dinner- turkey pot pies
Tuesday August 23, 2011- lunch-pizza
Dinner-turkey alfredo and noodles
Wednesday August 24, 2011-lunch- alfredo lo
Dinner- homemade calzone
Thursday August 25, 2011-lunch-turkey sandwich
Dinner- waffles and eggs
Friday August 26, 2011- lunch- turkey sandwich
Dinner- grilled pizza
Saturday August 27, 2011-lunch- pizza
Dinner- sausage bread
Sunday August 28, 2011-lunch- breakfast
Dinner- roast and potatoes

[Guest Post] Summertime Blues

Today’s post is a part of the 20 something blogger blog swap. This post is written by Kelly over at Insert Clever Title here. Which by the way, why didn’t I think of that title?! It’s awesome, Kelly! She has a great blog and I am totally hooked. I have been reading it all day. She has a great writing style and outlook on life. I’m very excited to have her as my swap partner. This is the first every guest post here at Frugal Farmhouse, so I’m a little, ok a lot excited! Also when you check out her blog, you get to check out my post on saving money in the summer.

Something about summer has lost a bit of its magic for me. I don't know if it was the summer that I graduated from college, and was suddenly, jarringly thrown into the Real World, or if was something that had been sneaking up on me for years before that.Summer vacation doesn't exist for me anymore.It makes me both sad and, admittedly, a little bitter, to lose that sense of freedom. My reward for making it through all tho…

Pin It Tuesday: Christmas

I have got Christmas on the brain. I think it is in the air. It is starting to get colder at night, a definite sign fall is on its way. There is something about the anticipation of getting through December and enjoying Christmas day. I enjoy the feeling, smells, and overall experience. I always put too much pressure on myself. Did I buy enough? Did I buy too much? Why didn't I make that new cookie recipe? Did I spend enough time doing this, doing that... Oh the stress! However, I love it.

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Source: via Brandi on Pinterest
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What holiday are you in love with?

Learning from Duramax: 8.14.11

I have a photo a day blog. I use it as a sort of gratitude journal. I learn from my sweet dog each day. I explain it here. Each week I will post my week in pictures. Also it is a great way to reflect on Sunday. I hope you enjoy.

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Source: via Brandi on Pinterest