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Sunday Something: Awards

2 awards in 1 week. How lucky am I? I love all you new readers and I love getting to know you! I have been given an award by 2 different bloggers-
Melanie at Regular Mel
Chelsea at The old simple life

It is so fun to get this award. I love reading your posts and getting to know you. I truly love comments and the conversation that it creates.

7 Things about me:
1. I am a serious night owl. Always have been. Not sure why, but I’m far more productive at night.
2. I am in love with my dog. You’ve met him right? Duramax is the light of my life!
3. I secretly want all those things I say I don’t. Why? I just know certain things aren’t going to happen for me, so it’s better to not set myself up for disappointment.
4. I have a serious addiction. Video games. I can’t even have a gaming console in my house because I will never stop playing. You think I’m kidding.. I’m not.
5. I am obsessed with cows. Especially jersey’s. I love their big brown eyes!
6. I have always been a huge craft nut. I’m not great but I sure try, and fail a lot!
7. I listen to rock and roll/alternative music. Disturbed, Linkin Park… anything not soft or soothing.

What are you up to this fine Sunday morning?


  1. What's up, Brandi?

    I found you from the Alexa hop and am following on GFC as well. I can relate to gaming as have been a gamer since my father first put me on an orange crate to play pinball (a nickle for five balls) in the 1950s. Have a great day!


  2. Hey I am a serious writer, reader, blogger, cat lover and Night owl just like you. I found you from bloackaholics. I am sub, and all that now, glad to meet you.


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