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Why are you frugal?

Frugality has always been in my life. I spent my summers as a child with my grandma in a very very small town about 150 miles away from where I lived the rest of the year. My grandpa is/was a farmer, had cows, and a diesel mechanic. My grandma was a farmer’s wife. I learned how to garden, sew, cook, move pipe, change oil, and learned how to drive on a tractor. At home during the school year none of these tasks were put to use. We lived in a suburb of a city with nearly 50,000 people, we didn’t have a garden, we had a dishwasher, etc. So at the end of the school year I was ecstatic to get to go my grandma’s house! I loved being there; I loved the fruits of my labor there. I felt as though I had a purpose.

Fast forward to 5 years ago. I graduated high school, moved to Phoenix, got into a heap of money issues, wanted everything in sight, forgot everything my grandma ever taught me and then I moved back to Idaho. About a year and a half later I came to the realization that something had to change. I turned to my best friend, google. Haha! It started with a search similar to “how to not spend so much money” and “why can’t I pay my bills?” It came back with one of my lifesavers. I had never belonged to a forum before, and I’m not a mom. So I was very nervous to join Mommysavers, but for some reason I did. This single act put me back on the road I’ve always wanted to be on. The main focus on that board is about saving money with a family. I figured well Chevy Man, I, Duramax and Chelsi…we are a family right? So I jumped in headfirst!

You know how something so simple never occurs to you? While I lived in Phoenix I had 2 roommates that made me feel well, less than at home. So I ate out every day and was never home, only to sleep. So I just got into the habit of never being home, even after I lived back in Idaho. One of those “simple-never-occurred-to-me” things was cooking all from scratch. I mean I cooked a lot but, I bought boneless chicken in a frozen bag from Walmart for $7.. for less than 3 lbs.. I thought this was a good deal. I just went grocery shopping whenever I felt like I needed stuff and it was no big deal to spend $100 each trip. This was upon eating out at least once a day, if not all 3 meals.. per day.. yes, I said PER DAY.

While this seems just ridiculous to me now, it is the truth. After reading and really pondering on the kind of person I had become, I decided that I needed to change. I was not happy with my life. I evaluated what was important to Chevy Man and I. We both had full time jobs, 2 vehicles, a huge apartment, and I had a massive shopping problem. We were headed for disaster. I decided I hated debt, hated paying to eat out and paying a lot of money for junk.

I learned about a great coupon site from a friend on that forum I mentioned before. I taught myself how to coupon shop and went NUTS! Haha. We are still living off the stuff from way back then, lol. So boarded the frugal train and while I have fallen off, a lot, I always find my way back.

For me, frugality is not a means to an end; it is a road I choose to travel. I have decided that I would rather make my own food rather than eat out so I can have a date with Chevy Man every now and then. I have decided I would rather wear older clothes so I can buy yarn to crochet. I have decided to make laundry soap instead of buy it because I like to drink Dr. Pepper. Haha! It all doesn’t connect or make sense to some, but there are places I’d rather spend as little money as possible so I can spend money on the things that I truly enjoy. It is all a matter of choice; I choose to live this way.

Since finding my place in frugality, I have found another great frugal forum. The people there have great advice, are brilliant at frugality and very helpful. I highly suggest both of these websites.

I love to hear how people feel about being frugal or lack of. No judgment, just curiosity

Why are you frugal? Why aren’t you frugal?


  1. Hi Brandi,
    I'm so glad I've discovered your blog! I am loving all of your postings and frugal tips-I am a bit of a "frugal tip junkie"! Being frugal has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom since my first child was born 12 years ago. Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Here are some of my reasons, but I'm sure I could think of more if I spent more time:

    1) It's the way I was raised, so simply, it's just part of my personality.
    2) I'm intrigued by being able to make things from scratch that other people will only buy.
    3) It reduces waste. Good for the wallet, good for the planet.
    4) It's fun. From finding a garage sale bargain to "stickin' it to the man", any time I can buck the mainstream retail mindset is fun for me.
    5) I can justify splurging on a few things because I don't splurge on everything.
    6) If some of us didn't keep the "old ways" and "old skills" alive, who would?
    7) It makes my life less stressful.
    8) Homegrown food and homemade cleaners are not just cheaper, they're also less toxic.

  3. I started being frugal because I had to be once I lost my job and then DH was diagnosed with MS and lost his job too. I learned a lot and it helped me realize how wasteful we had become. Frugal Village is a great site! I learned a lot from the people there. I actually enjoy finding new ways to help cut back and save money. I truly believe that everything I have learned the past few years has taught me what's really important in life.


  4. Great story. I have found online forums to really help keep me motivated.

  5. I just found your site and I love it. I have tried many times to be frugal. I love shopping, but not for clothes or things..just groceries..all kinds and I do go overboard. Trying to get back on the bandwagon because we need to learn how to save, and put God first. We want to pay tithing and not have to decided who pay first, God or bills.
    Thanks for your blog and for all your awesome posts.

  6. Elissa- That is wonderful! I love to have meet people who have been frugal for a long time!

    Annie Jones- I totally agree! there is nothing more fun that find a GREAT deal! It is so addicting!

  7. Debbie- I can't believe how much we used to waste... It breaks my heart to think about it. and I do love FV- we met there! :) I hope Wendell is feel ok!

    Jennifer- They have been a HUGE motivator for me! All the little challenges have gotten me up away from the computer and doing something! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Sillysiller- Thank you ;) would love to visit your blog, but your profile doesn't lead to it.. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you come back often :)

  8. sorry about the link. I fixed it and it should get you right to my blog. Its a new blog I started a day or two ago.
    Hoping to learn a thing or two about being frugal.

  9. I was not really taught good money lessons from my want it! - was their motto. I do not want to pas that on to my kids. My hubby is the opposite, he sent summers with his grandparents who were uber frugal, but died millionaires. I am trying to take the frugal path (I slip off of it a lot, but get back on) to show my kids another way and to help secure our future.

  10. I started being frugal when I lived alone after college. Then we I got married, we continued to live that way to save for a down payment on our house. Next, baby came along, and now I can stay at home with her.
    I love finding special deals and seeing how little I can spend on certain items. My favorite is to impress guests with a meal that cost just pennies to make!

  11. Brandi,
    I did some serious digging and found that tutorial for the stack and nest blocks. Her's are so much better than mine, but live and learn right? They are really fun to make though. Here is the link.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments. I love your blog and so many of your tips are great! Thanks!

  12. Terrific post!

    I am frugal at times, so I can spend money where it really needs to be spent...

    At other times, I am not frugal, because it wastes my time, and I deserve better than that... ! (i.e. spending 8 mintues to get the last tablespoon of ketchup out of the bottle!).

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I am frugal because I am unemployed, but even before that, I was frugal. Being a single-mom it just kind of goes with the territory.

    Stopping by from Follow me Friday... So, what do you think of it so far?

    Your new follower

  14. I'm not as frugal as I should be, but I come from frugal people and am surrounded by them. I feel guilty when I overspend, but I find myself binging and purging when it comes to frugality. Mostly, I just want to be responsible with what I have so that my family is taken care of, and we can help those in need.

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  15. we are frugal because we are doing the total money makeover, too! we want to live our wage live free from debt. :) thanks for stopping by my blog.

  16. Living a frugal life was not practiced by my parents, but was by my grandparents. My grandfather was a farmer and I too, loved spending time in the summer with my grandmother who taught me a lot.

    Then being frugal became a necessity when I lost my job over a year ago. I've learned to make it fun and that I would rather spend my money on things other than eating out too. I've also learned that I dont have to pay full price for ANYTHING, especially household cleaners, makeup, and over the counter drugs.


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