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I've got an Itch...

Every once in a while (ok, more often than not...) I get this itch. Can't fight it Itch...What is it you ask?... Crafts. Ugh, they are my weakness. There are times when I get in crazy declutter mode and "try" to get rid of all my craft stockpile, and I pair down to the basics and then in a blink of an eye I go craft CRAZY!!

I have been browsing through a lot of blogs the last few days and boy oh boy... there are some creative people out there! And dang it, now I have to go and pretend like I'm creative!

So today I spent almost all day picking up supplies, for as cheap as possible :) Girls gotta stay on a budget!

So I haven't gotten to do a lot with all my loot, but I'll show you a little sneak peak of what is to come in this Frugal Farmhouse :)

These are from Crate and Barrel (click on the picture to see them and their price... EEK!) But I MUST have them!!

Aren't these adorable? These are from PB... I'm beginning to love PB, for ideas that is!

I'm pretty sure this is going to be living in my bathroom. Love IT! I have been looking for something that would go well on the back of the toilet. (once again, click on the pic to see the origination)
This is form The Country Chic cottage. It is made of burlap. I'm not sure what my obsession with burlap is lately, but I just love it!

Ok now on to my loot! I am super excited about the next couple of days of crafting!

LinkI found this beautiful clock idea over at A Little Knick Knack I plan on making something very similar. But have you checked the price of clock mechanism? The cheapest I found today was $7.99..OUCH! While I was a Michael's I checked the "As Is" section and check out what was waiting for me? The clock mechanism! I almost squealed in the store, haha! Do you see that price $1.74.. wow. The clock hands are missing but it doesn't matter because I planned on using something else anyways. Stay tuned for this fun project!
These were $1. I have been wanting some old school gothic font stencils. Fun stuff to come with this little puppies!

Dollar store loot. Fun little easter tree, 2 metal candle doohickies and a cute little birdie. So much fun stuff I could burst at the seams!!
I never and I mean never buy ceramic knick knacks. I don't own a single one. Until now. I spotted this little cutie upon entering the dollar store. I thought "Oh, he's cute" and kept walking. The entire time in the store all I could thing about was the little birdie! So I decided, maybe, JUST maybe I can have one ceramic knick knack...

To be honest, this is not all I got, but the one other project is just way to fun to give even a peek at :) I'm hoping to have enough time to get it started tomorrow.
I got this a few days ago from Wal-Mart. Such a great price, I couldn't pass it up. Yet again, not telling you what I'm making but it is gooood! I promise!
Ok, I found this at a local craft store. I want to make it BUT I'm not quite sure how..I know it is kind of hard to see, But it is a bowl made of twigs. So I'm putting out the word to fellow bloggers. Any idea how to make one? Have you made one? Please let me know!


  1. Sounds like you have some fun ahead. I hope to get crafting some today but really need to finish up some paperwork that has to be done. Heck... I need to just do some cleaning and stay off the computer! lol

    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. Ha! I just posted about having an "itch" too!
    Lovely blog!

    I answered your question at my blog...
    Come back and visit again soon!


  3. debbie-I know what you mean. I make all these plans each day and then I get on the computer and the next thing I know it is time to make dinner! haha.

  4. Sylvia- How funny! I'll have to go read that post! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. About 3 years ago I made twig picture frames for 5X7 pictures (of a camping trip) sort of like the ones at this link, except that my twigs were straight up and down at top and bottom and long straight ones on the sides. I lost them (and everything else)in the flood of hurricane Ike, so no pictures. Simply collect twigs, cut to size or break them, lay out and glue with hot glue or glue them on to a cheap frame. I would imagine a bowl would work the same way, just larger twigs.

  6. I saw one of these bowls recently too. I'm thinking it'll be a good weekend project while the boys play outside. :) Me, some sticks and a hot glue gun. My hubs just sighs....

    Just found your blog and started following via the Dairy Farmer's Wife. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  7. Hi Carrie! Thanks for stopping by :) lol I understand Chevy Man looked at me like I was crazy haha!! I just love it though, If you make one please let me know, I'd love to see it!

    I really enjoy Dairy Farmer's wife blog, I am glad you stopped by! I look forward to getting to know you as well :)


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