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Weekend Planning

Friday around here is the beginning of the work week in our household. Chevy Man works all weekend, graveyard shift. So not only does the work week shift so does our time of days.

So today I will be preparing for the weekend. So please excuse me if this post is a little scatter brained!

Yesterday we made a quick trip down to my grandmas house. She lives about 2 hours away in a small town on a farm. She is a huge part of my life and where I learned almost everything I know. I am so blessed to have her and my grandpa still with me!

She is the most generous person I know. She knows we have been struggling with money. She offered, er, made us take food home. While this is normal at Grandmas house, this was not a normal trip. She literally loaded my car full of food storage. You know those #10 coffee cans full of food?.. There are over 15 cans of wonderful things I can use right now. She sent home a monster turkey and a cooler full of beef. We are so blessed.

See all those glass bottles? She sent those too.
25 lbs of flour, local honey, and 2 more cans of food storage :)

Any who, with all this food I want to use it as frugally and conserving as possible. So I decided to join in with Dime Savin Diva and her challenge. $20 or less, I'm hoping for much much less.

Here is our freezer above the fridge and our little chest freezer. CHUCK full :)

This should make this a lot easier.
Here I moved the basket so you can see inside.. well as far as you can.

As far as Weekend Planning I decided to join in with My Happy House. Join in on the fun!


-get a hold of Jon's dad about computer
-do daily cleaning
-take all garbage out
-Pizza for dinner, I have the best dough recipe :) check back next wednesday and I'll share it with you!
-work on living room for 1 hour


-make cake (my birthday is Monday)
-inventory freezers
-work on living room for 1 hour
-make soap (details to come!!)
-make a trip to storage

-Play cards with Mom
-Have cake with Family
-work on living room for 1 hour (we are getting new internet on monday :) Soo excited!)
-make another trip to storage

Boy, I think that is plenty for the next few days.. Make sure you check back tomorrow. I'll be showing you a little bit more about Chevy Man and I.


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