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The winds of Change...

There came a time in our lives when our planning just didn’t make the cut. We recently moved in with family due to Chevy Man injuring his foot. I know a lot of you will understand that when you live paycheck to paycheck there just isn’t enough money to put aside for a rainy day. Now I am learning to pinch my pennies even harder than I did before. Chevy Man was in an accident on September 24th with a friend and injured his foot. The first doctors told us he broke his ankle and put him into a cast and on crutches for 8 weeks, with possible surgery. I was relieved that he wasn’t hurt more than he was, but what were we gonna do for 8 weeks!?!I called my Grandma and asked if it was alright if we stayed with her for a while. We were planning on moving to this area anyways at the end of the year so that just moved us faster and in a little less desirable situation than we would have liked. But I am so very thankful for my family. They are amazing.I packed all of our belongings into a 10x10 s…

Canning Pears and Tomatoes

Now I have canned a lot of times with my Grandmother. However, I was under the age of 15 and didn't really care to remember the process. Now that I am older, I have been dying to revisit the canning years of my childhood. We recently moved (more on that this Saturday!) and I have the great privilege of staying with my Grandma and Grandpa for a while. I have turned into a sponge, I am trying to gleen as much information off of my Grandma as possible. My Aunt put it a great way, she said my Grandma was her wikipedia! How awesome is that!
Last week my uncle brought down pears and tomatoes that needed to be canned the same day. So much for our plans, but it was such a great informative day. We began with the pears.

Little itty bitty one bite pears... I took us 4 hours to peal and core these suckers.. Then we put them in jars and pressure canned them. I believe we canned 14 quarts of pears.
Next up... Tomatoes

Now I haven't had a decent tomato all summer long due to money, so I was ver…

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Pin It Tuesday: Autumn

Wordless Wednesday: Sunday Drive

Cut your own wood

Frugal Tip Tuesday is a weekly series here at Frugal Farmhouse. I want to share easy tips and tricks to help you along your frugal journey. Have you missed earlier tips?

Winter time is coming! Do you have a wood fireplace or stove? It is a great tradition to cut your own wood. Here in my area a wood cutting permit is about $5 you can buy a cord of a wood or for $20 you can buy a 4 cord permit. A cord is about a full truck bed worth of wood.

Menu Plan Monday 10/10-10/16

This week is a bit up in the air. We are moving out of our apartment. Chevy Man was injured and will be out of work for 8 weeks. We were in the process of moving south anyways, we are just forced to move a little sooner than expected and in with family for a while. I am thankful for the family I do have and look forward to learning as much as I can from this experience.
Lunch- sandwiches
Breakfast- egg sandwich
Lunch- eat out
Dinner- Spaghetti
Lunch- spaghetti
Lunch- ham sandwiches
Dinner- Lasagna
Lunch- $1 cheeseburger
Dinner- biscuits and gravy
Breakfast- biscuits and gravy
Lunch- tomato sandwich
Dinner- chicken enchiladas
Breakfast- stuffed French toast
Dinner- tin foil dinners

What are you having for dinner this week?