Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menu Plan

Menu Plan for February 14- 20

Monday Lunch- roast sandwich
D- chili and cornbread

Tuesday L- Pizza with homemade crust
D- chili

Wednesday L- Tacos with Homemade Tortillas
D- Steak and onions sandwich

Thursday L- Spaghetti
D- Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Friday L- spaghetti
D- Tin Foil Dinners
Saturday L- tin foil dinners
D- brown sugar meatloaf

Sunday L- Breakfast
D- Roast

Pom Pom Heart

How much sweeter could these possibly get?

Wrap yarn around your finger at least 50 times.

Slide the yarn off your finger and tie a seperate piece of yarn around the middle. Fasten REALLY WELL!

Now cut it ito the shape of a heart.

How easy and CUTE are these?

Love your Heart

Find tons of Heart patterns on Crochet Pattern Central

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mini Cardboard Album and Envelope

I never realized how much cardboard our lives are surrounded by. I have been trying to find new uses besides recycling for all this material.

This was a flat of canned soup.

I decided what size I wanted my little album to be and used Chevy Man's pocket knife and sliced it up.
A few days ago I made paper. Nothing fancy, just basic paper. I'll go into greater detail later on that.
I then matched up the paper and design I liked and err... "embroidered" the paper to the cardboard. lol.

A few of the pages have pull tags.
It's Finished! Now decorate how you choose.

I can't give it away with out an envelope can I? I traced my interpretation of an envelop onto painting paper. (I have a HUGE roll)

Cut it out.

Then I put the mini cardboard album into the envelope to figure out how big to leave the flaps. Then I embroidered (using this term lightly haha) the bottom of the envelope closed.

This is the front of the envelope. Aww...

The envelope idea came from Family Chic

The Mini Cardboard album came from Kevin and Amanda

What are you making your loved ones?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waste No More Food Wednesday

Yeah, yeah, I know it's Thursday. Internet just was not cooperating yesterday. One of my many new year resolutions is to track our food waste. As we can not afford to waste much of it (Who can?), I think this will be a great visual exercise.

Here is a compilation of the pictures since the first of the year.

January 12, 2011- No Waste!
Lessons Learned:
  • Not to make soup twice in a week
  • Learn to adjust to making smaller portions
What tips do you have on not wasting food?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Round Up

January Round Up

Right out of the gate, I went CRAZY! But as most resolutions, I tapered off to little activity. BUT, I am pushing forward and truly want to finish these skills. So this is what I have accomplished in January. At the end of this post is my February goals.

Change Jar- I did have about $50 in here. We used it to pay bills. I am ok with that. I am glad I saved it and we were able to pay those bills.

No Eating out- Oh boy… can we not talk about this? 11 times… yes 11! Who does that? We do, that’s who.. I started putting a huge X on the calendar when we ate out. Chevy Man caught on pretty quick. That slowed everything down, so that will be a continued thing. MUST.TRY.HARDER!

Electricity Reduction Challenge- we averaged about 18 kwh per day. I plan on averaging 15 kwh per day in February.

Needlework Challenge- learn to knit dish clothes- DONE!
swiffer covers-DONE!

Homesteading Challenge-
1. make paper- Done. I plan on making more as part of a vday gift!
3. make noodles- done. next up is noodle shapes!
4. make bread w/o maker weekly- successful. The sandwich bread recipe here on FV is wonderful!!
5. make bagels- done. I plan on making flavored ones next time.
7. hamburger buns- I found the perfect recipe for this. It also works as a hot dog bun recipe. But, we don't have any hot dogs, so no reason to make them!

Frugal Challenge-

no lights on until dark- success! this has been easy, yet difficult for chevy man... hmm
made noodles, chicken noodle soup and french bread all from scratch- done. super yummy and went on the monthly menu.
made syrup done.
refilled misto pump- not done. its broken
heat down to 68 during the day 70 tonight.- success. it has only been set above 70 degrees 2 times.
hope to cut my dependency on tv... this has happened. The tv is hardly ever on. my tv in the living room broke haha! must be a sign...

Waste No more Food Challenge- I have been planning leftovers better into the menu plan. I did learn to not make soup twice in one week. Good lesson!

Photo a day blog- I have successfully done this. I am loving this challenge. I am learning a lot about myself.

Go Greener Challenge- recycling is going great!

20 wishes Challenge-

fix jetta- fingers crossed, I think its fixed. Nothing what we thought it was, but im not crossing it off yet.

sketch out a 5 year plan- this has been really fun. I have come up with some great goals.

read 12 books- 2 down 4 more started. I forget how much I enjoy reading.

embroidery grid sampler-got a book from the library for more stitches to learn. How fun!

recycle- going really well. So far I am doing cans, cardboard and plastic. My kitchen is the size of a closet, so I need a brilliant idea of how to organize a center so I can recycle more.

Now on to February

yeast donuts
flavored bagels
Noodle shapes included ravioli!
No lights until dark
menu plan NO MATTER WHAT
make my own junk food

Finish farm and garden.
knit dish cloth
baby booties
start double wedding ring maybe?

20 wishes
Attend FAFSA Saturday
Finish both homesteading books
Organize Family photos
Begin hammon history