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Marshmallow Snowmen

Everyone loves a Snowman right? These little Snowmen will brighten up anything!


-large marshmallows $.96
-Halloween sprinkles- on hand
- toothpicks- on hand

Total cost $.96 +

First put 4 toothpicks in a cup of water

Take 3 marshmallows, smoosh on down. This will be the head.
Push one toothpick through the bottom marshmallow into the middle marshmallow.
Next push one through the head into the middle marshmallow.
Beginning of Snowman!

Put the tip of a toothpick in the water. *This sounds weird, but seriously it makes the toothpick glide in the marshmallow so nicely! *
Start poking holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Pick out your sprinkles. The Halloween ones are perfect; orange and black!
Slide the sprinkles in the holes you prepared.
*Don't use your fingernail to push them in, it makes the sprinkle crack and then you get sprinkle dust all over the water that you just put on the marshmallow when you poked the holes, BIG mess :)*

Continue down with buttons.

Finished Snowmen! Aren't they just adorable!! If you fell the need you could use a jr mint, or something along those lines for a hat. Check back later in the week to see what I plan on using my cute little men for!


  1. you know... these would look great on my prim tree I have going with cookies! :)

    I got it at Hobby Lobby. Wish I had the extra cash now because they have them 1/2 off. I just noticed that in your post about Turkey Leftovers... I have the exact same salt and pepper shaker!

    Stay Warm,

  2. I think they would look great on your tree! I will have to check hobby lobby when we go to logan. about 2 hours away, but our closest hobby lobby... sad I know! Thanks!!

  3. These guys are sooooo cute! I'm definitely making these next Christmas.


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