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SUPER Frugal December Challenge!

Through out the Month of december I will be challenging myself to new frugal lengths. I already do the normal

*homemade cleaners
*combine errands
*make homemade food
*no cable
*no internet
*reusable everything-containers, napkins, etc
*watered down just about everything I own!
*etc, etc, etc.

So were can I cut back even more? there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Here's my plan:

1-only eat from stockpile this month- only allowed to buy milk and eggs

2- NO lights during day- no reason for it!

3- 15 No Spend days. Yep, I said 15! in december! (this one will be difficult, I believe.)

4- Energy Watch 09- I bought a kill-a-watt a few months back at a garage sale (brand new in the package) and haven't gotten around to using it..

5- very limited entertainment- I'm talking about entertainment that would cost us money. So family time, free community events, etc. are allowed :)

6- track all spending- this will come in handy for the January challenge.

7- Create a dream book- more details to come ;)

**I reserve the right to add to this challenge :) **

I will be updating often, so check back to see how it's going and how much money I can save :)

Frugal Farmhouse


  1. No internet???? How will you do that one and still blog??? I need to put myself to a challenge too! You have inspired me!! :)

    Good Luck and hope you have a good Tuesday,


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