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Wasteful Wednesday: July 27

It is a miracle. I have no food waste to share with you today! And it is not for a lack of trying. I have made every meal at home all week, so this is amazing. So instead of staring at my leftovers that have seen better days, I thought I would share some great ways to use up some leftovers.

Money Ning shares 15 great ways to use up leftovers.

The Simple Dollar shares awesome ways to transform leftovers.

A Dusty Frame gives advice on 55 ways to use up everything in our kitchen!

The Kitchn lets us know 8 ways to use leftover Chicken.

How do you use up leftovers?


  1. I had leftover Chicken and potatoes (a 9 x 13 pan) so tonight I deboned it added carrots and made a cream sauce and topped it with biscuit batter... Chicken pot pie for 8! Ta da! Cost me the 2 bags of carrots and the biquicky mix.

  2. mmmm, chicken a biscuits tammy!!! YUM. i always make leftovers. you should see how many meals i get out of one little small rotisserie chicken. i am always transforming meal number 1 into meal number 2. Glad i'm not the only one. I do really hate to throw any food away. Too many people go hungry. Makes me wince to throw food away, so leftovers are the answer in this house. tomorrow, dh is having a leftover pork roast sandwich for lunch.

  3. Hooray for you!
    I had to throw away a small piece of cheese this week, tho it pained me to do it, it was more mold and fuzz than not. bleh.

    I made fajitas this evening for dinner, using frozen red bell pepper strips from last fall, a fresh pepper, onions and 2 banana peppers from the garden. I had 2 small yellow squash leftover from Monday's dinner so I slices into strips and threw them in too. Now I have leftover fajita filling to figure out how to use up. Other than putting it on a pizza, I am stumped!


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